Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You know you love V

Just like every other girl, I'm hooked onto the show. IMO, it's better than the O.C. New York vs California? Paris vs Nice? Which would you choose?

I love every episode, especially those featuring Queen B's V accessories. I l.o.v.e. Valentino bags! When I own my first Valentino bag, the credits would go to Queen B (don't laugh at me).

Oh yeah, I know we all hate little J but c'mon, doesn't mean our hatred for her equates to our hatred for that hot little thing she toted in The Blair Bitch Project?

Valentino Maison bag (NM.com)

Absolutely stunning that color is! I've been always in love with this bag. I might get the black version if I concede to practicality.

Oh yeah, and on to Queen B's V bags...

Valentino Patent Signature Satchel (Saks.com)

It's just hot how she manages to pull off these bags in red patent. I would love the black patent version!

Valentino Vitello Couture bag (NM.com)

She carried the Couture bag in yesterday's episode in red patent too and I love how it looks with her navy and white trim bow headband and black cape over her uniform.

I can't wait to watch out for more goodies from Gossip Girl. They have the funkiest styles and the yummiest bags!

Until then,

you know you love B


Sophia said...

oh yea i hate that little evil jenny too! she is so much more evil than B imho. but nonetheless i love her blonde curl.

oh and yes, i think GG is so much better than The OC. Cali vs NY? that's no contest really.

Eileen said...

Hello, love yr blog! Just checked out the thread on the TPF Singapore meet up...you gals had fun!!! I delivered my baby on the 30th and hence could not join you gals...Would you be organising another after yr exams? i would love to meet you all:-)

Best, Eileen

Anonymous said...

You should really change this to: "You know you love J!" haha

Nice to see *someone* finally updated their blog! -And I give it to you that GG > OC, but the OC is NOT a good representation of Southern CA (or Orange County for that matter!!) so I'm still going with CA > NY. LOL -Come to L.A. ...then we'll talk.

Okay, enough for me attempting to be snarky. Love you, C!