Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Outfit du Jour 1 - 07.04.08

Today is a bad day. Yeah, I know I have many bad days but today is an exception -- a bad and sad day. I dropped by YSL boutique to try on the new S/S '08 flat sandals that I ordered. Unfortunately, I did not order the correct size, so I left empty handed -- which is a rare sight! Then I met my bff who returned from London for Starbucks and had a long chat. That kind of perked me up a little since I had a long and tiring day (had an interview with the auditors and a very bad stomach ache which happened during my interview -- what great timing really) and I haven't seen him in a while. It always warms me up to meet an old friend and have hot coffee on a dull rainy day.

But the ultimate event that sent me to rock bottom is the moment I found out I missed my HG (holy grail) violet Chanel flap!! How in the world did I miss that?! I'm so sad that I am bleeding...

Anyhow, I promised to post ODJ (outfit du jour) today so here it is!

Featuring my new Balenciaga Gladiator wedges
with Theory cotton satin shorts and vest with satin trims, Zadig et Voltaire knit sequined top

PS: I've received feedback on the comments on my blog. Just to let you know, you can post anonymous or comments with your name. I would prefer you leave the latter so I will know who you're and keep you in mind. Thank you :)

xoxo ♥


Cory said...

wow i love how casual yet stylish that outfit is =)

and u know i always love sequins...are they sequins or grommets on your tank? and who is that by?

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit but got to be honest still not sure about the gladiators, I think I got strap over ankle phobia!

Sophia said...

love the gray in your outfit. im no fan of wedges but you pulled them off ;)

Anonymous said...

nice outfit! i like it so much that i may put together somethng similar one day when i go out.

I enjoy your writing too. :)

i wonder if you will get more views and feedback if you post your ODJ on tpf (like Larkie does).

i would if i were you.


Anonymous said...

like your outfit.

your blog reminds me of Larkie's (-another tpfer) Chanel odj posting.

if i were you i would start a thread there. it gets more views and comments.

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit! :)

The Editor said...

Thank you for your comments! I've posted in the action threads so keep a look out for them! And thanks for the suggestion! I guess my blog is still new. It takes time to have its viewership so we'll see how it goes? :-)

xoxo, L

gMbt said...

ooh keep the blog going and keep updating!i can't even be bothered to update mine..maybe i should!!it's nice to see a younger odj as opposed to larkie's (i'm younger than she is so probably different style)..not to say that i don't enjoy larkie's thread!

The Editor said...

^ Thanks babe! I will keep your feedback in mind :-) I hope to grow up to be like Larkie! She's such a style icon on PF I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

omg, WHEN did you get these? LOL, I actually wanted the ones with the studs and stuff. They look great on you! I won't post my name on this comment, but I will say that these shoes are CUTE! <333

Anonymous said...

Babe, love your new gladiator shoes...as always u have gorgy shoes. U look FABULOUS on her.


Celia said...

LOL...Saw ur new purchase today..."disney couture bracelet"....aren't we sistas, we seems to have the same taste~~