Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Loot Part 2

And so... School has started once again. Thus, my disappearance for the past few days has been evident. I lead a sad life (don't think of my buys lol), don't you think?

Anyhoo, I finally sold my Yoyo Zeppas! I'm so pleased to have sold them to a fellow tpfer and reader of my blog, J :) I know they're in good hands - burgundy patent is just to die for! Now I'm thinking if I should get rid of my Balenciaga Gladiator wedges... as you can tell, I'm on the 'getting rid' mode right now. It must be my conscience pricking!

Here is ODJ 5 -
CK cotton shirt, Chanel black patent waist belt, Elizabeth and James skinny pants, Louboutin nude Yoyo 110mm and my red city Bbag.

Bbag in the sling style

Bbag in the clutch style

Pretty ODJ pics in courtesy of J :)

Today's summer loot is themed 'CC Mania'. Scroll below and you'll know why.

I got this hottie off Neiman Marcus last call! What a close shave because I was THIS close to buying it at 2nd markdown. Kudos to patience and luck! I've been waiting to get this belt for eons... it's from '07 Cruise I believe. Can you imagine the wait?

And recall I mentioned I had an item stuck in the customs and had to pay taxes for?

Well... it's this little monster that got me into so much trouble!

But it's worth it, me thinks! What about you?

More to come so stay tune :)

xoxo, C

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Loot Part 1

I am not typically a summer person, though lately I seem to have taken a fancy on bright loud colors, if you've noticed my marigold yellow dress and neon pink clutch. Not really my style, I must admit, but it's the color block season baby! I've always been quite a neutral shady person who wears black, white and navy. I'm still staying true to my style!

Summer is a time of fun, good times and saleeesss... AND sales time means broke time for me :( I think I really need to check into a shoe rehab. You have no idea how many pairs of shoes I've bought of late!! I blame school and stress for my lack of rationality and the growth of impulsion.

Today I bought yet another pair of shoes but but.. they're sooo hot I just had to get them! They're in wedges gladiator style (so different from my Balenciaga ones), in my all-time favorite patent leather and color!

Errr.. okayy, I think the fever has really burnt my brain lol.

So here's the "first" pair of flats I bought during the sale...

By now, I think my obsession with Lanvin flats is clear. I can never stop loving them! The leather insoles are just so comfy and I love stretchy ruched up leathers :)

Well well, and guess what! Miss shoe-whore has gotten her 'shoe attention' diverted to some bling!

I love this cute pearl crystal accessory from Kenneth Jay Lane! I realize I have tons of accessories from this particular designer... I guess he and I have something in common ;)


Je presente Outfit du Jour 4 - 21.08.08

I ran errands today, went to the doctor's, did a health check up, went shopping for a bit and got my new shoes and met a good friend for dinner.

CK sleeveless cotton shirt, Marni black patent skinny belt, Development satin cotton shorts, Franck Muller watch, Prada nappa fringe tote bag and YSL stellar star sandals in cream.

For those who have followed my blog since it started, recall the entry where I complained I did not have anything to buy from YSL? Oh yes, I sure did recently score this pair of stellar sandals on sale wowieee!

For those who asked about the previous ODJ: the navy jumper dress is actually from a local shop here which I came across the other day. I got it for 40 bucks!

I can't wait to wear my new wedges tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Love, C

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ladydeluxe's Style Board numero 1

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

Here's something new I've come up with (I've not touched graphic designing in years, though) - my personal style board of the clothes I bought. It kinda tells my style, no?

I think the clothes look better modeled rather than me taking pics of them folded or laid flat. I would, nonetheless, still post ODJ!

From left:
1. This cutesy shirt dress has pyramid stud buttons in silver! AND the back collar at the neck has the buttons too! How adorable is that! I can't wait to pair it up with black or navy stockings and my Bottega gladiator heels.

2. The current contemporary label I am into right now is Elizabeth and James. Firstly, I think the Olsens have awesome style, though quirky and can go off the tangent sometimes, nevertheless still chic. The pants, however, has strange cutting so it's at the tailor's. I'm getting it back tomorrow and was planning to wear it to a party on Wednesday but I'm having second thoughts right now because I just bought a fabulous neon pink dress!

3. Le Magnifique! It says it all. I love how soft the cotton is and how fun the graphic on the tee is. So cheeky! Perfect with my usual J Brand dark vintage skinny jeans and new Lanvin flats!

4. It's a glam-ed up tee shirt dress by Line Aquila. I love how the neck and hem areas are sewn with sequins - it's subtle glamor! I'm thinking of wearing it a belt at the waist (I have the perfect one for it) and a pair of killer heels...

More to come!

I did warn you -- Summer's been a real sorcher :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outfit du Jour 3 - 18.08.08

What a surprise! Look whose finally updating her blog in less than a week! Finaaally, yes I know, I can really drift off the track and procrastinate tons!

So guess what, I might be hosting a shoes draw soon to reward those who have stayed with me all these while... a big thank you for your support! Without you, I have no reason to continue this blog :) How the 'Shoes Draw' is gonna work is that I will be giving away a pair of designer shoes from my personal shoe collection... more intel to come so stay tune!

Okay, you know my main objective of posting today. I know it's in the title.. I should change the title. Anyway, my camera had an unfortunate death due to my negligence at a party and the buttons got jammed. Well done... I am now left with my pathetic camera phone. Pardon for the lack in quality! Better something than nothing, right?

Here's ODJ for tomorrow - It looks work-ish though but it's actually just a jumper dress with a ribbon tie at the waist and huge pockets.

The pockets are too cute! They look like they have a flap and are closed with cute buttons but they're merely faux. The pockets are so practical! I'm in love with dresses that have pockets (if you notice my yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs brocade dress a couple of entries ago!)... c'est super!

I'm probably gonna carry my Chanel patent navy jumbo flap bag tomorrow... Hmmm but I might change my mind so we shall see.

Everything above is new... this is how long I haven't been blogging, omg!

The shoes worn above deserve an entry of its own... you'll just have to wait!

A tout ta le!

PS: Those hot Loubies in the previous entry are still up for sale! PM me!!! Those are super rare and to die for!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Bacccccckkk!

Bonjour mademoiselle!

I am proud to say I am back! Well, that's because exams are finally over!! I swear they've been such a drag and killers that I don't even wanna get my results back! School has finally ended... but is starting again. Poor me :(

Anyhoo, I have tons of piccies to upload and update you girls... but before I proceed, I need to share this goodie with you that's up for grabs:-

(Kindly ignore my crazy chunky textbooks in the background lol)

I have a pair of brand new extremely RARE and hard to get Christian Louboutin Yo Yo Zeppa (wooden platform and heels) in YUMMYlicious burgundy red patent in size 37.5. They run small so if you're a size 36.5-37, you'd fit them just perfect. Kindly drop me a comment with your email for those interested! These are the ones from Summer 2006 made famous by Nicole Richie and X-tina!

Okay, it's a Saturday, I just got back from town to have dinner at home and I did some shopping at Calvin Klein and Zara. My parcel from Revolve has just arrived too... Woohoo, so stay tune!

xo xo

Friday, August 8, 2008

To the reader who commented it's so boring here

Here are justifiable reasons as to why I have disappeared from my beloved blog:-

1) This school term is possibly one of the worst terms I have to go through... ever.
2) It doesn't help that I am terrible at finance.
3) And I have TWO modules on finance!!
4) None of which I can fail as there are absolutely no supplementary papers!
5) Adding insult to injury, it also doesn't help that the guy I am seeing is harder to figure than finance.

So does that explain why this space is... dying out? Well, all good things come to an end... at least for a tad. No reiteration needed on me having a life besides shopping, again.

On a lighter note and I know I've been saying this quite a bit - I've got more goodies coming up! One of which has given me a nasty headache over taxes issue with the customs... since it's awfully hard to find, I hope it's all worth it.

Summer's been a real scorcher hunny!

All I can say is, watch this space! :)