Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Next Best Thing to Purple

You know how much I lurvvvveee the color purple -- so here's the next best thing to my all-time favorite color, Nude! I did mention in my CL post that nude is a neutral color that goes well with everything... It's just such a fab color! I realized I'm very particular when it comes to the leather of my shoes. If you've observed by now, I am inclined towards buying patent leather for my shoes. Why? Simply because it's so much easier to maintain and yes, I love the gloss!

If there's one brand I buy most other than Louboutin, that would be Miu Miu. I absolutely adore their shoes! They're young, pretty and girly. And the price? I'd say reasonable. For these shoes, the price point is beyond reasonable. I got them at a steal! 45% off original price, in my size and favorite color? There's no charge to awesomeness (okay, now you know I watched Kung Fu Panda lol)!

I really should stop buying shoes! My mom totally gave up when she knew I was gonna grab them when I tried them on.

Well, I was eying on them for eons and was prepared to buy them at retail until my SA mentioned it was on sale. You can totally imagine the hysteria on my face!

Perfect for summer!

The nude color is different from Louboutin's nude, however. It's a lighter rose pink sort of nude rather than the skin tone kind of nude so it's cool to own both hues of nude!

Make me an Offer! SOLD!

I am currently letting go of my Christian Louboutin light green python Yoyos in 85mm size EU37.5. They are BRAND NEW in box (but does not come with dust bag however). I am finding a lovely owner who would do these babies justice since I never found a use for them and probably never will... acks! Leave me a comment with your email address (it'll be screened to protect your privacy) of your interest. No offers below $350 please.

All prices in this blog are stated in USD.

Until then, x o x o <3

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Glass Slippers

Like they always say... patience pays off eventually. Well, this I have to agree! You have no idea how much I lust after these... especially with that price tag (who am I kidding) -- I couldn't convince myself enough to get those, not when I had several 'priorities' on my check list of 'wants'. I took the chance that they might go on sale as that will probably be the only time I would totally grab them in a heartbeat... and yes, it's a risk well-taken! If only I apply this to my investments, I'd have a room full of Loubies by now!

These are what I call Cinderella glass slippers meet practicality. Why practical? No bling, no satin.. just luxury in its simplest form. I love them and I have the purrrfect dress in mind to go with these! It's this cute little Valentino dress I got recently, together with my favorite bag at-the-moment! They might be a little too matchy matchy because the dress has a cute satin bow at the waist and the shoes have 2 large bows, but then again, it would be such a fun and girly combination, d'ya think?

What makes these gorgy things even better is that they're from my all-time favorite shoe designer!

Je presente Joli Noeud D'orsays in black patent!

Perfect fit and size at pre-sale price... What more can I ask for? :)


Sunday, June 1, 2008

You know you love V (numero deux)

And here comes my new (and first) Valentino bag!

Stay tune!

(I know I'm such a tease but don't you love it! :)



//Edit: 2 June 2008 at 7.15PM

I'm so sorry! I know I am not so much a tease anymore. Everyone's probably hating me for taking so long... and I sincerely apologize for that -- not that I'm trying to create too much suspense but I've just been hyperventilating from the pre-sales and TONS of school work! I'm still doing up my (darn) report and preparing for a presentation on coming Wednesday... acks, I need a breather!

So here I am... sneaking up to update my blog (it's about time) and yes, another goodie just came in! I had a REALLY bad day (had to bold it, it was that bad) at school today and I was totally being a sulking emo monster when I got home. I went to take a nap and got disrupted twice! Holy cow, that only made things worse, right? With a throbbing headache, I went to answer the door bell and guess what! I am now prancing around my room. And and I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City! You know that whole scene where she hung those uber hot Blahniks (those are what I call shoes by the way! I am a real sucker for shoes with bling)... man, I need to find those now!! Someone... anyone... hook me up with those gorgy things ASAP and I promise I'll love you forever :)

Here comes my first Valentino handbag! Wahhh, I just had to get it and you know why!

I love Valentino paper bags!

Oh yes, not neglecting the fact that I am a shameless purple lover! This is my.. what? 3rd purple bag? Wait, I think the 4th. Hmmm, forget it. I think I lost count.

Here's a little peek-a-booo..

And someone got it right, you smartypants! I got the Maison bag (the infamous little J bag... yes, kill me now, I know!) in the softest calfskin leather in the most fabulous color... tell me, what's there really not to love about this bag? Plus the fact it was on 30%!!

Look look! The yummiest leather! Woo hoo, I'm in complete heaven!

Okay, tell me now if you love V as much as I do!

x o x o <3