Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't shoot me!!

Pre-sales and deadlines are driving me crazy! There is a reason why I disappeared from blogging... and it's not because of shopping, my loves, but school! :( I'm sorry to disappoint you -- I promise to try to blog at least once a week to keep you updated. And sorry for the lack of piccies lately, no new loot has arrived yet! Wahhh, I can't wait! I need some juicy cuties to perk me up!


// Edit at 2:23 AM (you can see how 'hardworking' I am)

I've finally got my a$$ down to picking out outfit for tomorrow... because simply, I don't wanna waste 30 minutes in the morning just figuring out what to wear! And that's the sole reason why I am late for school!

Outfit du Jour featuring Miss Oversize Muse

It's summer and I'm gonna wear my new t-bar sandals with my new eyelet LBD! I love the details on them - very nicely sewn and they sparkle like crazy. I threw in my Kenneth Jay Lane apple necklace to match the hardware of Miss Muse. I especially took a zoomed in photo just to show you the details of the apple! Can you see the little crystals on the leave?

Oh, and obviously Queen B inspired, I shortlisted 3 headbands I would like to wear. One's a cute thick headband in metallic crackled leather, the other is a big tuxedo bow headband and the third has an ivory tweed camellia.

And if you have observed closely in the 1st picture, I chosen the gold Miu Miu headband. What a tease!

Tata y'all!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Too much too little time

Here I go again - missing in action for a complete week! There are just too many things happening and I have so little time to deal with them! First it's nasty uni (but not that bad after all - I managed to score a distinction for my law exam :) then I had a laser surgery and needed recovery time. Thank god for the long weekend and public holiday I have enough time to myself (played some mahjong with friends) and tonight will be revision time for finance, eeps!

So much for the boring stuff, I have some juicy intel to reward ya!

New goodies to come! Woohoo! I can't tell you how pleased I am... but I'll only be officially pleased when mister postman comes knocking. Back to finance... it's sucking the life out of me!

I'll post ODJ for tomorrow later (when I find time to decide what to wear with purple Muse).

Until then..


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Up for another round of Purplicious candy?

It's funny how I have the sudden surge of enthusiasm to 'want to blog' -- most of the time I just feel like abandoning my blog. I think what keeps me going now is my readers who want me to continue this (you know, it can be a challenge). I'm not trying to flatter myself - it just surprises me that people do take me seriously. I really appreciate that you guys still stick around with me!

I have received a few comments on my Miu Miu Coffer and Muse bags. Let's keep the Coffer a mystery first (although there isn't really much a mystery about this bag), shall we? I was thinking I could post outfits with her, what d'ya think? I managed to take photos of the oversize Muse and Balenciaga '07 LE Magenta city together (although nobody asked about her I decided she needed some recognition) after much procrastination. And yes, I do wonder how the oversize could actually work on me because of my small frame (5'4 and size 0). Surprisingly, I can pull off the big bag look, especially so on heels!

Both pictures didn't show the true colors of the bags. I managed to dig up the old photos that I posted on PF which reflect their juicy yummy colors!

Looks like they smell like grapes, don't they? I swear I almost went up to purple heaven. I'm just so in love with this color - now you know what really kills me!

It sucks to go back to school tomorrow, especially so when it's a very long day, BUT at least I have a new pair of TDF skinny (blue) jeans to take away the monday blues :)

Here's Outfit du Jour for tomorrow - I'm gonna take my poor (old and abused) Bbag out tomorrow. She's the first Bbag I own and by far my favorite Bbag. And possibly the one that I have used to death!

I specially bought a Prada skull keyring for the bag, wah!

And check out the incidental 'glitter' coincidence I found on both fabrics (skulls are stitched in silver metallic threads)!

I love this new pair from Rock and Republic (told ya I'm a jeans girl :) I foresee this will become my favorite pair of rocker jeans. My current favorite (and has remained my favorite for quite a while) is the Notify small skull stitched on pockets dark skinny jeans... which might have to make way for this new R&R pair!

To top off the whole look, I might wear my favorite gladiator heels tomorrow. But for school? Hmm, let me sleep on it and decide again when I wake up. If not, I'll wear my Lanvin flats!

I blogged about these before on my old blog but will do so again here - I bought these on retail (crazyyy), so to justify that, I have worn them to death already! And they're only 6 months old. They were from '07 F/W (I love f/w seasons, yay for pre-fall) These BV hotties go with everything in my closet. They beat the new Balenciaga gladiators hands down anytime!

Okay, I better stop rambling on about my shoes or I'd never stop. You know how much I love shoes!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sickness for Purple

School has been pretty nasty to me. I'm not gonna elaborate any further because after all, this is a fashion (a la shopping :) blog that might soon to be dead if I don't continue posting. Don't shoot me! I will try my best to stay on track!

As much as I hate to admit, I think I have secretly developed a sickness for purple. I didn't reveal much of my liking for purple until I got my first purple bag - the Miu Miu burgundy plum nappa Coffer bag. A few months later, all the hype about the '07 limited edition magenta Balenciaga came to an end when I got mine! It isn't very purple but does have a lot of purple undertone as compared to the new magenta and '05 version. Then I got another Muse but in oversize this time. I knew I had to have this bag the moment I laid my eyes on it - violet color on buffalo leather? It is one of the most gorgeous colors I ever saw! If I pass up on it, I'd kill myself again and again!

So after going on about my love for purple, my point is... yes, I bought another purplicious item! So much for telling myself that 'I should be on a ban'... the irony of life.

In the previous post, I mentioned about my 'cutesy little Vuitton thing' - so here it is!

And no, I'm no fan of the monogram so you can tell how much I really obsess over purple.

Oh god, save me!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Better than Nothing!

Obviously something has been going on, if you haven't realized by now -- I've lost my momentum and have stopped blogging frequently. Grrr, I've not been posting anything but really, there ain't anything much at all. I've been laying low, been dealing with too much lately especially those bugger exams!

I will post as soon as I get those packages opened. Nothing fancy - just some clothing, my Kidada wrap (finally?) and some cutesy Vuitton thing, although I'm not a fan of the L to the V, it's in my favorite shade of color so I had to have it!

Okay, time to poof!