Monday, April 7, 2008

Ahoy, here comes B-girl!

In the past entry I mentioned I would have new loot coming in and look what I got today to beat away the Monday blues...

Make a guess!

Is it a bag?

Or shoes?


It's a....

Pair of shoes!!!

Je presente... Mademoiselle Balenciaga Gladiators in dove grey.

How hot are they!! I'm still hyperventilating!

They were launched last F/W and I finally managed to get them (at a good price too :) I might be a season late but well... it's better late than never! If you search eBay, all you'll find are probably the studded ones, which are too trendy IMO. I'm not that much a fan of the giant hardware although very ironically, I have 2 giant hardware bags... I wonder what came into me.

Now I've realized that the main thing to look for in shoes that will stay in my closet is that they have to be classic designs with perhaps a modern twist (I wouldn't want to be cringing and saying 'What was I thinking' years later).

Make me an offer!
Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Heels SOLD!
Talk about trendy, I have regretted (sigh sigh sigh) buying my YSL Tributes which I have only worn once (I blame VB!). Is there anyone who would like to take these very neglected hot babies home? Please write me a comment and leave your email.
FYI, I'm a true size EU37 and the shoes are in black suede with bronze/gold trims and in size 36.5.

I was thinking of posting Outfit du Jour again but decided that these shoes needed to show off all its glory so ODJ will be posted in the next entry instead!


Anonymous said...

Those shoes look great on you!!! Love the colour. Can't wait to see your outfit tomorrow. Love, C

Aurora said...

Hey the shoes look awesome! Can you post a full frontal pictures? Hehe

calisnoopy said...

Love the dove grey color!!!

I always think that grey doesnt get the recognition it deserves LOL

Im surprised the shoes are comfy too...but then again Im a clutz and would probably trip all over myself wearing them... =X

The Editor said...

Thanks ladies! I will post the front piccies of the wedges tomorrow! Keep a look out! xo

Anonymous said...

are these shoes still for sale?

Ladydeluxe said...

^ I'm afraid they are no longer for sale. Your best chance is eBay I believe.. because that's where I got mine from! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ooh are u still selling urs?

Ladydeluxe said...

^ OOPS! I thought you meant the Bal shoes! Sorry, I'm such a klutz! Anyhoo, I'm afraid to burst your bubble - I sold these shoes about a month ago! I hope you'll find them! They're really gorgy! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

haha nono i was wondering whether they were still selling, then i asked whehter you were selling urs cuz ebay is a little shady. how much did u end up selling them for?