Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My 'H'ascination

This is not doing me any good. I am supposed to be revising my work and doing mock papers but I find myself oogling at Hermes. Wahh, the best thing is, I found my Holy Grail bag (in the perfect shade and skin) and I almost had a 'la petite mort' (I don't mean that). Well, if there is an Hermes heaven, I might have just gone straight up!

I fess up!! I think I found my true love. Not that I'm not loyal to Chanel but after all these years..

Have you ever had times when your heart pauses for a few seconds and then races against time? And you get breathless each time you look at her? When you shut your eyes, all you see is her? You have to calm down just to catch your breath? And the feeling isn't just about butterflies in the stomach - your world is spinning around you and you find yourself standing still admiring her?

I am simply left in awe. Oh god.

Credits: eBay

Well, a girl can dream? :)

And if this isn't true love, I don't know what is! My favorite color in my favorite exotic skin..

Look at that yummy croc! In the truest shade of violet!

Credits: eBay

If I ever (the keyword is ever) get the chance to lead a good life and/or have a good career, I would buy these as a treat to myself for working hard. On 2nd thoughts.. I guess maybe not -- I don't think I'd be even earning enough. These bags probably cost my annual income. Oh, I know what! The best solution to this is 1) I either strike lotto or 2) marry a rich husband.. both of which are quite impossible to attain. Hmm, there are still some possibilities, right?

Enough of drooling and daydreaming. I shall go to bed and see these in my dreams instead.


Anonymous said...

...i know what you feel about her.
who would not want this fab number?!

stunning bag!



OMG, we talked about this a few days ago and you are still on it. LOL, I doubt you can shake this fascination -better take mom up on her offer ;)

Those are 2 out of my 3 options too on getting a hold of em!

xoxo, j

Anonymous said...

Love the Purple Crocs and I don't even like purple that much!