Saturday, April 5, 2008

Uh oh! Another bag on the list!

I meant to post Outfit du Jour but I was having a really bad day. Thank goodness for a pair of nice jeans and a hot bag or I'd be utterly demoralized. Speaking of jeans, I picked up my new skinny jeans (Rich & Skinny and Notify) a while back. So I wore the Rich & Skinny out today and thought it looked really cute with my Beatles Junk Food tee, the Modern Chain tote and Chanel ballet flats as I was going for the casual look :) I love the not-so-dark navy wash and the fit isn't very tight unlike my many J brand skinny jeans.

The Notify jeans, however, has a different look altogether. I would call it my 'dressy/rocker jeans'. It has this gold/silver glittery sheen on the exterior and boy is it really hot! The Stella McCartney waxed jeans I have has similar effect and I thought it was hot enough until I tried on this pair... it took my breath away. The glitter is really subtle so it's not tacky at all. I am such a jeans' girl I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this pair. Now I just hope this pair of jeans doesn't get screwed up like it did with the McCartney's (my domestic helper ironed it and I went berserk).

I went to the boutique to try on the So Baroque earrings as seen on the runway at the trunk show which I attended around 2 weeks ago. They were probably the only thing I eyed on the models, I figured I might want a pair. I own similar (and smaller) ones from Givenchy which are vintage so I thought these might look cute... until I tried them on. I am now positively disheartened (good for my pockets :)

(Credits: The Purse Forum)

Now you know what I mean. Those pearls are probably around 1 1/4 inches each and they look humongous on my ears. Not to mention, they're clip ons and are faux. For those who are interested, they are going for $510 at Chanel. Another similar style is at $695.

Anyway, I digressed! My main purpose of this entry is to tell you about this new bag that I saw and tried on. It's really gorgeous but nobody seems to appreciate this beauty the way I do!


You might not think it's hot but trust me, the one I saw is way hotter than the one shown in the picture. It has a neon navy blue piping and the contrast is obvious yet subtle, not the in-your-face sort. I love it! It looks absolutely great with jeans and the bag's so roomy. If I were a lambskin lover, I would buy it in a heartbeat! Get the Day Glo ligne -- A38457 Y01480 C0229 $3250 (the tote) and A38454 Y04935 C4411 $2595 (the flap) at Nordstrom.

Now I will just need to tell Daddy...


gMbt said...

I like the Neon ligne too especially the flap with navy trim.r u gonna get it?don't forget to post pic if u do!

The Editor said...

^ I hope I do get it! It's such a hot bag, isn't it? I'll definitely post piccies when I do :-)