Monday, April 21, 2008

The start of a whole new Flats era

Not exactly a start.. it's more like a break from heels. I've been wearing flats ever since I'm on a health program for my spine so I 'need' a new pair to arouse my interest in flats. Eeks... I know! It's just such a waste to let my heels collect dust! But I do wear them once in a while to lunch and dinners so I guess it still works out in the end :)

I'm kind of in a dizzy right now. Perhaps I'm suffering from brain overload from all the studying.. don't mind me if I begin to type rubbish. It's tiring to screen through whatever I type sometimes since I know some people do get very displeased (I wonder why they're even here). And sorry for the lack of updates! Nothing fancy lately (does studying count?). I'll blog more frequently once I'm done with those buggers I promise!

Without further ado, here are my new shoes! (I did mention I'm a shoe addict!)

Have I ever told you that I am secretly in love with Lanvin shoe boxes?

Not that I'm not being loyal to Louboutin but darnnn, which shoe boxes do you come across have bows on them? Lanvin shoe boxes make me feel like I'm opening a present all the time!

Told ya it's nothing fancy! I just love the color! It's in navy patent and totally matches my navy patent Jumbo flap bag. My first pair of navy shoes! And I think I am starting to love ballet flats...

Eeks, please ignore my veiny feet!!


Anonymous said...

muhaha, I am your first comment! Love your new shoes!

Welcome to my domain: FLATS (which is usually reserved for big, box-toed gals like myself LOL) Ttysoon dear!

xoxo, j

Anonymous said...

Cute ballerinas... now you me lemming for a pair... gosh! I think we are bad for each other, C! Heheheh.

- Mscawaii

Anonymous said...

I am fan of Lanvin.
nice flats!! they cover all of your toes including your toe cleavage! i should get one pair.

keep up your wonderful blog.

later gator


Sophia said...

welcome to the club dear :)
i was wearing heels for 6 years (yes even to class!) then one day i discovered the greatness of ballet flats. and i've been hooked ever since. now i only wear my heels to church on sundays or when i'm going to somewhere fancy ;)

and i love Lanvin (i mean who doesnt lol). oh and the navy color too. blue/navy is the new black i say! although i tried on a pair at On Pedder and they just didnt wow me like those bejeweled Miu Miu's did. yea i love a good bling :P