Thursday, April 3, 2008

C is for Christian Louboutins II

So I promised in my previous entry that I would blog more about my new Loubies... here it is! I promise I try my best not to steer off the track too much :)

They aren't anything fancy... unlike the Bling Blings or the latest hot colors in fashion, like the electric blue, magenta and fuschia pink. They are just shoes that I really love to have in my shoe closet. Honestly, I think nothing beats the color nude! It's just the most perfect and neutral color to wear. It goes well with anything and everything, and it makes the outfit look polished yet feminine. Tell me, is there any color better than nude? Well if there is, please let me know so that I can stop hunting for these rare nude shoes!!

Nude patent Pigalle in 70mm (my 2nd pair of nudies :)

Besides my favorite color nude, I love the burgundy red too. It's a hot sexy color that is a must-have in probably every lady's shoe collection. To me, red is sort of like a mixture between sexiness and smartness. You know in those good ol' fashion films where the female would put a red rose between her lips when she's dancing tango? That's really smokin' hot, isn't it!

Burgundy red patent Yoyo Zeppa

Despite being a Yoyo lover, I still prefer the Prives in terms of comfort. The cutting at the toe box is definitely broader for the Prives as compared to the Yoyos. I can stand all day in my Very Prives and not grumble a word!

Ah! I know, I know, I really need a pedicure!

With love,
¤ Ladydeluxe ¤


Sophia said...

hey! found your blog on TPF :)
love love love nude heels too, especially patent ones, not necessarily louboutin though hehe

keep your posts coming lady!


I want your shoes! okay... and the feet that go with them, LOL. But we've thoroughly discussed this before. xoxo, j