Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Loot Part 2

And so... School has started once again. Thus, my disappearance for the past few days has been evident. I lead a sad life (don't think of my buys lol), don't you think?

Anyhoo, I finally sold my Yoyo Zeppas! I'm so pleased to have sold them to a fellow tpfer and reader of my blog, J :) I know they're in good hands - burgundy patent is just to die for! Now I'm thinking if I should get rid of my Balenciaga Gladiator wedges... as you can tell, I'm on the 'getting rid' mode right now. It must be my conscience pricking!

Here is ODJ 5 -
CK cotton shirt, Chanel black patent waist belt, Elizabeth and James skinny pants, Louboutin nude Yoyo 110mm and my red city Bbag.

Bbag in the sling style

Bbag in the clutch style

Pretty ODJ pics in courtesy of J :)

Today's summer loot is themed 'CC Mania'. Scroll below and you'll know why.

I got this hottie off Neiman Marcus last call! What a close shave because I was THIS close to buying it at 2nd markdown. Kudos to patience and luck! I've been waiting to get this belt for eons... it's from '07 Cruise I believe. Can you imagine the wait?

And recall I mentioned I had an item stuck in the customs and had to pay taxes for?

Well... it's this little monster that got me into so much trouble!

But it's worth it, me thinks! What about you?

More to come so stay tune :)

xoxo, C

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Loot Part 1

I am not typically a summer person, though lately I seem to have taken a fancy on bright loud colors, if you've noticed my marigold yellow dress and neon pink clutch. Not really my style, I must admit, but it's the color block season baby! I've always been quite a neutral shady person who wears black, white and navy. I'm still staying true to my style!

Summer is a time of fun, good times and saleeesss... AND sales time means broke time for me :( I think I really need to check into a shoe rehab. You have no idea how many pairs of shoes I've bought of late!! I blame school and stress for my lack of rationality and the growth of impulsion.

Today I bought yet another pair of shoes but but.. they're sooo hot I just had to get them! They're in wedges gladiator style (so different from my Balenciaga ones), in my all-time favorite patent leather and color!

Errr.. okayy, I think the fever has really burnt my brain lol.

So here's the "first" pair of flats I bought during the sale...

By now, I think my obsession with Lanvin flats is clear. I can never stop loving them! The leather insoles are just so comfy and I love stretchy ruched up leathers :)

Well well, and guess what! Miss shoe-whore has gotten her 'shoe attention' diverted to some bling!

I love this cute pearl crystal accessory from Kenneth Jay Lane! I realize I have tons of accessories from this particular designer... I guess he and I have something in common ;)


Je presente Outfit du Jour 4 - 21.08.08

I ran errands today, went to the doctor's, did a health check up, went shopping for a bit and got my new shoes and met a good friend for dinner.

CK sleeveless cotton shirt, Marni black patent skinny belt, Development satin cotton shorts, Franck Muller watch, Prada nappa fringe tote bag and YSL stellar star sandals in cream.

For those who have followed my blog since it started, recall the entry where I complained I did not have anything to buy from YSL? Oh yes, I sure did recently score this pair of stellar sandals on sale wowieee!

For those who asked about the previous ODJ: the navy jumper dress is actually from a local shop here which I came across the other day. I got it for 40 bucks!

I can't wait to wear my new wedges tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Love, C

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ladydeluxe's Style Board numero 1

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

Here's something new I've come up with (I've not touched graphic designing in years, though) - my personal style board of the clothes I bought. It kinda tells my style, no?

I think the clothes look better modeled rather than me taking pics of them folded or laid flat. I would, nonetheless, still post ODJ!

From left:
1. This cutesy shirt dress has pyramid stud buttons in silver! AND the back collar at the neck has the buttons too! How adorable is that! I can't wait to pair it up with black or navy stockings and my Bottega gladiator heels.

2. The current contemporary label I am into right now is Elizabeth and James. Firstly, I think the Olsens have awesome style, though quirky and can go off the tangent sometimes, nevertheless still chic. The pants, however, has strange cutting so it's at the tailor's. I'm getting it back tomorrow and was planning to wear it to a party on Wednesday but I'm having second thoughts right now because I just bought a fabulous neon pink dress!

3. Le Magnifique! It says it all. I love how soft the cotton is and how fun the graphic on the tee is. So cheeky! Perfect with my usual J Brand dark vintage skinny jeans and new Lanvin flats!

4. It's a glam-ed up tee shirt dress by Line Aquila. I love how the neck and hem areas are sewn with sequins - it's subtle glamor! I'm thinking of wearing it a belt at the waist (I have the perfect one for it) and a pair of killer heels...

More to come!

I did warn you -- Summer's been a real sorcher :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outfit du Jour 3 - 18.08.08

What a surprise! Look whose finally updating her blog in less than a week! Finaaally, yes I know, I can really drift off the track and procrastinate tons!

So guess what, I might be hosting a shoes draw soon to reward those who have stayed with me all these while... a big thank you for your support! Without you, I have no reason to continue this blog :) How the 'Shoes Draw' is gonna work is that I will be giving away a pair of designer shoes from my personal shoe collection... more intel to come so stay tune!

Okay, you know my main objective of posting today. I know it's in the title.. I should change the title. Anyway, my camera had an unfortunate death due to my negligence at a party and the buttons got jammed. Well done... I am now left with my pathetic camera phone. Pardon for the lack in quality! Better something than nothing, right?

Here's ODJ for tomorrow - It looks work-ish though but it's actually just a jumper dress with a ribbon tie at the waist and huge pockets.

The pockets are too cute! They look like they have a flap and are closed with cute buttons but they're merely faux. The pockets are so practical! I'm in love with dresses that have pockets (if you notice my yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs brocade dress a couple of entries ago!)... c'est super!

I'm probably gonna carry my Chanel patent navy jumbo flap bag tomorrow... Hmmm but I might change my mind so we shall see.

Everything above is new... this is how long I haven't been blogging, omg!

The shoes worn above deserve an entry of its own... you'll just have to wait!

A tout ta le!

PS: Those hot Loubies in the previous entry are still up for sale! PM me!!! Those are super rare and to die for!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Bacccccckkk!

Bonjour mademoiselle!

I am proud to say I am back! Well, that's because exams are finally over!! I swear they've been such a drag and killers that I don't even wanna get my results back! School has finally ended... but is starting again. Poor me :(

Anyhoo, I have tons of piccies to upload and update you girls... but before I proceed, I need to share this goodie with you that's up for grabs:-

(Kindly ignore my crazy chunky textbooks in the background lol)

I have a pair of brand new extremely RARE and hard to get Christian Louboutin Yo Yo Zeppa (wooden platform and heels) in YUMMYlicious burgundy red patent in size 37.5. They run small so if you're a size 36.5-37, you'd fit them just perfect. Kindly drop me a comment with your email for those interested! These are the ones from Summer 2006 made famous by Nicole Richie and X-tina!

Okay, it's a Saturday, I just got back from town to have dinner at home and I did some shopping at Calvin Klein and Zara. My parcel from Revolve has just arrived too... Woohoo, so stay tune!

xo xo

Friday, August 8, 2008

To the reader who commented it's so boring here

Here are justifiable reasons as to why I have disappeared from my beloved blog:-

1) This school term is possibly one of the worst terms I have to go through... ever.
2) It doesn't help that I am terrible at finance.
3) And I have TWO modules on finance!!
4) None of which I can fail as there are absolutely no supplementary papers!
5) Adding insult to injury, it also doesn't help that the guy I am seeing is harder to figure than finance.

So does that explain why this space is... dying out? Well, all good things come to an end... at least for a tad. No reiteration needed on me having a life besides shopping, again.

On a lighter note and I know I've been saying this quite a bit - I've got more goodies coming up! One of which has given me a nasty headache over taxes issue with the customs... since it's awfully hard to find, I hope it's all worth it.

Summer's been a real scorcher hunny!

All I can say is, watch this space! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello, Stranger!

Oopsiesss! I don't know how many times I'm gonna apologize for the lack of updates but I am not going to do so this time because I have tons of pictures to update you with... or so I hope!

Anyhow, I have been pretty good of late until today I think - I am afraid to disappoint the reader who left me a comment on 'my buys are always so slow'. I have more to life than just shopping :) and you know, school is really draining and struggling for me... and it doesn't help that I am always broke!

Here's a preview of the sale loot I've been 'accumulating' over the period I vanished... lol

Until then...

Don't forget me!

xoxo, C

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Next Best Thing to Purple

You know how much I lurvvvveee the color purple -- so here's the next best thing to my all-time favorite color, Nude! I did mention in my CL post that nude is a neutral color that goes well with everything... It's just such a fab color! I realized I'm very particular when it comes to the leather of my shoes. If you've observed by now, I am inclined towards buying patent leather for my shoes. Why? Simply because it's so much easier to maintain and yes, I love the gloss!

If there's one brand I buy most other than Louboutin, that would be Miu Miu. I absolutely adore their shoes! They're young, pretty and girly. And the price? I'd say reasonable. For these shoes, the price point is beyond reasonable. I got them at a steal! 45% off original price, in my size and favorite color? There's no charge to awesomeness (okay, now you know I watched Kung Fu Panda lol)!

I really should stop buying shoes! My mom totally gave up when she knew I was gonna grab them when I tried them on.

Well, I was eying on them for eons and was prepared to buy them at retail until my SA mentioned it was on sale. You can totally imagine the hysteria on my face!

Perfect for summer!

The nude color is different from Louboutin's nude, however. It's a lighter rose pink sort of nude rather than the skin tone kind of nude so it's cool to own both hues of nude!

Make me an Offer! SOLD!

I am currently letting go of my Christian Louboutin light green python Yoyos in 85mm size EU37.5. They are BRAND NEW in box (but does not come with dust bag however). I am finding a lovely owner who would do these babies justice since I never found a use for them and probably never will... acks! Leave me a comment with your email address (it'll be screened to protect your privacy) of your interest. No offers below $350 please.

All prices in this blog are stated in USD.

Until then, x o x o <3

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Glass Slippers

Like they always say... patience pays off eventually. Well, this I have to agree! You have no idea how much I lust after these... especially with that price tag (who am I kidding) -- I couldn't convince myself enough to get those, not when I had several 'priorities' on my check list of 'wants'. I took the chance that they might go on sale as that will probably be the only time I would totally grab them in a heartbeat... and yes, it's a risk well-taken! If only I apply this to my investments, I'd have a room full of Loubies by now!

These are what I call Cinderella glass slippers meet practicality. Why practical? No bling, no satin.. just luxury in its simplest form. I love them and I have the purrrfect dress in mind to go with these! It's this cute little Valentino dress I got recently, together with my favorite bag at-the-moment! They might be a little too matchy matchy because the dress has a cute satin bow at the waist and the shoes have 2 large bows, but then again, it would be such a fun and girly combination, d'ya think?

What makes these gorgy things even better is that they're from my all-time favorite shoe designer!

Je presente Joli Noeud D'orsays in black patent!

Perfect fit and size at pre-sale price... What more can I ask for? :)


Sunday, June 1, 2008

You know you love V (numero deux)

And here comes my new (and first) Valentino bag!

Stay tune!

(I know I'm such a tease but don't you love it! :)



//Edit: 2 June 2008 at 7.15PM

I'm so sorry! I know I am not so much a tease anymore. Everyone's probably hating me for taking so long... and I sincerely apologize for that -- not that I'm trying to create too much suspense but I've just been hyperventilating from the pre-sales and TONS of school work! I'm still doing up my (darn) report and preparing for a presentation on coming Wednesday... acks, I need a breather!

So here I am... sneaking up to update my blog (it's about time) and yes, another goodie just came in! I had a REALLY bad day (had to bold it, it was that bad) at school today and I was totally being a sulking emo monster when I got home. I went to take a nap and got disrupted twice! Holy cow, that only made things worse, right? With a throbbing headache, I went to answer the door bell and guess what! I am now prancing around my room. And and I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City! You know that whole scene where she hung those uber hot Blahniks (those are what I call shoes by the way! I am a real sucker for shoes with bling)... man, I need to find those now!! Someone... anyone... hook me up with those gorgy things ASAP and I promise I'll love you forever :)

Here comes my first Valentino handbag! Wahhh, I just had to get it and you know why!

I love Valentino paper bags!

Oh yes, not neglecting the fact that I am a shameless purple lover! This is my.. what? 3rd purple bag? Wait, I think the 4th. Hmmm, forget it. I think I lost count.

Here's a little peek-a-booo..

And someone got it right, you smartypants! I got the Maison bag (the infamous little J bag... yes, kill me now, I know!) in the softest calfskin leather in the most fabulous color... tell me, what's there really not to love about this bag? Plus the fact it was on 30%!!

Look look! The yummiest leather! Woo hoo, I'm in complete heaven!

Okay, tell me now if you love V as much as I do!

x o x o <3

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't shoot me!!

Pre-sales and deadlines are driving me crazy! There is a reason why I disappeared from blogging... and it's not because of shopping, my loves, but school! :( I'm sorry to disappoint you -- I promise to try to blog at least once a week to keep you updated. And sorry for the lack of piccies lately, no new loot has arrived yet! Wahhh, I can't wait! I need some juicy cuties to perk me up!


// Edit at 2:23 AM (you can see how 'hardworking' I am)

I've finally got my a$$ down to picking out outfit for tomorrow... because simply, I don't wanna waste 30 minutes in the morning just figuring out what to wear! And that's the sole reason why I am late for school!

Outfit du Jour featuring Miss Oversize Muse

It's summer and I'm gonna wear my new t-bar sandals with my new eyelet LBD! I love the details on them - very nicely sewn and they sparkle like crazy. I threw in my Kenneth Jay Lane apple necklace to match the hardware of Miss Muse. I especially took a zoomed in photo just to show you the details of the apple! Can you see the little crystals on the leave?

Oh, and obviously Queen B inspired, I shortlisted 3 headbands I would like to wear. One's a cute thick headband in metallic crackled leather, the other is a big tuxedo bow headband and the third has an ivory tweed camellia.

And if you have observed closely in the 1st picture, I chosen the gold Miu Miu headband. What a tease!

Tata y'all!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Too much too little time

Here I go again - missing in action for a complete week! There are just too many things happening and I have so little time to deal with them! First it's nasty uni (but not that bad after all - I managed to score a distinction for my law exam :) then I had a laser surgery and needed recovery time. Thank god for the long weekend and public holiday I have enough time to myself (played some mahjong with friends) and tonight will be revision time for finance, eeps!

So much for the boring stuff, I have some juicy intel to reward ya!

New goodies to come! Woohoo! I can't tell you how pleased I am... but I'll only be officially pleased when mister postman comes knocking. Back to finance... it's sucking the life out of me!

I'll post ODJ for tomorrow later (when I find time to decide what to wear with purple Muse).

Until then..


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Up for another round of Purplicious candy?

It's funny how I have the sudden surge of enthusiasm to 'want to blog' -- most of the time I just feel like abandoning my blog. I think what keeps me going now is my readers who want me to continue this (you know, it can be a challenge). I'm not trying to flatter myself - it just surprises me that people do take me seriously. I really appreciate that you guys still stick around with me!

I have received a few comments on my Miu Miu Coffer and Muse bags. Let's keep the Coffer a mystery first (although there isn't really much a mystery about this bag), shall we? I was thinking I could post outfits with her, what d'ya think? I managed to take photos of the oversize Muse and Balenciaga '07 LE Magenta city together (although nobody asked about her I decided she needed some recognition) after much procrastination. And yes, I do wonder how the oversize could actually work on me because of my small frame (5'4 and size 0). Surprisingly, I can pull off the big bag look, especially so on heels!

Both pictures didn't show the true colors of the bags. I managed to dig up the old photos that I posted on PF which reflect their juicy yummy colors!

Looks like they smell like grapes, don't they? I swear I almost went up to purple heaven. I'm just so in love with this color - now you know what really kills me!

It sucks to go back to school tomorrow, especially so when it's a very long day, BUT at least I have a new pair of TDF skinny (blue) jeans to take away the monday blues :)

Here's Outfit du Jour for tomorrow - I'm gonna take my poor (old and abused) Bbag out tomorrow. She's the first Bbag I own and by far my favorite Bbag. And possibly the one that I have used to death!

I specially bought a Prada skull keyring for the bag, wah!

And check out the incidental 'glitter' coincidence I found on both fabrics (skulls are stitched in silver metallic threads)!

I love this new pair from Rock and Republic (told ya I'm a jeans girl :) I foresee this will become my favorite pair of rocker jeans. My current favorite (and has remained my favorite for quite a while) is the Notify small skull stitched on pockets dark skinny jeans... which might have to make way for this new R&R pair!

To top off the whole look, I might wear my favorite gladiator heels tomorrow. But for school? Hmm, let me sleep on it and decide again when I wake up. If not, I'll wear my Lanvin flats!

I blogged about these before on my old blog but will do so again here - I bought these on retail (crazyyy), so to justify that, I have worn them to death already! And they're only 6 months old. They were from '07 F/W (I love f/w seasons, yay for pre-fall) These BV hotties go with everything in my closet. They beat the new Balenciaga gladiators hands down anytime!

Okay, I better stop rambling on about my shoes or I'd never stop. You know how much I love shoes!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sickness for Purple

School has been pretty nasty to me. I'm not gonna elaborate any further because after all, this is a fashion (a la shopping :) blog that might soon to be dead if I don't continue posting. Don't shoot me! I will try my best to stay on track!

As much as I hate to admit, I think I have secretly developed a sickness for purple. I didn't reveal much of my liking for purple until I got my first purple bag - the Miu Miu burgundy plum nappa Coffer bag. A few months later, all the hype about the '07 limited edition magenta Balenciaga came to an end when I got mine! It isn't very purple but does have a lot of purple undertone as compared to the new magenta and '05 version. Then I got another Muse but in oversize this time. I knew I had to have this bag the moment I laid my eyes on it - violet color on buffalo leather? It is one of the most gorgeous colors I ever saw! If I pass up on it, I'd kill myself again and again!

So after going on about my love for purple, my point is... yes, I bought another purplicious item! So much for telling myself that 'I should be on a ban'... the irony of life.

In the previous post, I mentioned about my 'cutesy little Vuitton thing' - so here it is!

And no, I'm no fan of the monogram so you can tell how much I really obsess over purple.

Oh god, save me!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Better than Nothing!

Obviously something has been going on, if you haven't realized by now -- I've lost my momentum and have stopped blogging frequently. Grrr, I've not been posting anything but really, there ain't anything much at all. I've been laying low, been dealing with too much lately especially those bugger exams!

I will post as soon as I get those packages opened. Nothing fancy - just some clothing, my Kidada wrap (finally?) and some cutesy Vuitton thing, although I'm not a fan of the L to the V, it's in my favorite shade of color so I had to have it!

Okay, time to poof!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You know you love V

Just like every other girl, I'm hooked onto the show. IMO, it's better than the O.C. New York vs California? Paris vs Nice? Which would you choose?

I love every episode, especially those featuring Queen B's V accessories. I l.o.v.e. Valentino bags! When I own my first Valentino bag, the credits would go to Queen B (don't laugh at me).

Oh yeah, I know we all hate little J but c'mon, doesn't mean our hatred for her equates to our hatred for that hot little thing she toted in The Blair Bitch Project?

Valentino Maison bag (

Absolutely stunning that color is! I've been always in love with this bag. I might get the black version if I concede to practicality.

Oh yeah, and on to Queen B's V bags...

Valentino Patent Signature Satchel (

It's just hot how she manages to pull off these bags in red patent. I would love the black patent version!

Valentino Vitello Couture bag (

She carried the Couture bag in yesterday's episode in red patent too and I love how it looks with her navy and white trim bow headband and black cape over her uniform.

I can't wait to watch out for more goodies from Gossip Girl. They have the funkiest styles and the yummiest bags!

Until then,

you know you love B

Monday, April 21, 2008

The start of a whole new Flats era

Not exactly a start.. it's more like a break from heels. I've been wearing flats ever since I'm on a health program for my spine so I 'need' a new pair to arouse my interest in flats. Eeks... I know! It's just such a waste to let my heels collect dust! But I do wear them once in a while to lunch and dinners so I guess it still works out in the end :)

I'm kind of in a dizzy right now. Perhaps I'm suffering from brain overload from all the studying.. don't mind me if I begin to type rubbish. It's tiring to screen through whatever I type sometimes since I know some people do get very displeased (I wonder why they're even here). And sorry for the lack of updates! Nothing fancy lately (does studying count?). I'll blog more frequently once I'm done with those buggers I promise!

Without further ado, here are my new shoes! (I did mention I'm a shoe addict!)

Have I ever told you that I am secretly in love with Lanvin shoe boxes?

Not that I'm not being loyal to Louboutin but darnnn, which shoe boxes do you come across have bows on them? Lanvin shoe boxes make me feel like I'm opening a present all the time!

Told ya it's nothing fancy! I just love the color! It's in navy patent and totally matches my navy patent Jumbo flap bag. My first pair of navy shoes! And I think I am starting to love ballet flats...

Eeks, please ignore my veiny feet!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My 'H'ascination

This is not doing me any good. I am supposed to be revising my work and doing mock papers but I find myself oogling at Hermes. Wahh, the best thing is, I found my Holy Grail bag (in the perfect shade and skin) and I almost had a 'la petite mort' (I don't mean that). Well, if there is an Hermes heaven, I might have just gone straight up!

I fess up!! I think I found my true love. Not that I'm not loyal to Chanel but after all these years..

Have you ever had times when your heart pauses for a few seconds and then races against time? And you get breathless each time you look at her? When you shut your eyes, all you see is her? You have to calm down just to catch your breath? And the feeling isn't just about butterflies in the stomach - your world is spinning around you and you find yourself standing still admiring her?

I am simply left in awe. Oh god.

Credits: eBay

Well, a girl can dream? :)

And if this isn't true love, I don't know what is! My favorite color in my favorite exotic skin..

Look at that yummy croc! In the truest shade of violet!

Credits: eBay

If I ever (the keyword is ever) get the chance to lead a good life and/or have a good career, I would buy these as a treat to myself for working hard. On 2nd thoughts.. I guess maybe not -- I don't think I'd be even earning enough. These bags probably cost my annual income. Oh, I know what! The best solution to this is 1) I either strike lotto or 2) marry a rich husband.. both of which are quite impossible to attain. Hmm, there are still some possibilities, right?

Enough of drooling and daydreaming. I shall go to bed and see these in my dreams instead.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick updates!

I am updating just in case I go missing and stop blogging due to a sickness called procrastination. It gets to me frequently I admit. And what great time to release stress is when you're studying! So I've been stalking eBay and I found myself an adorable Kidada for Disney Couture Tinkerbell wrap. It's too cute to resist (I'm still a kid at heart :) and I love Tinkerbell. I recall acting as Tinkerbell in a school play back at elementary school and I pranced around in this little cute yellow dress with wings.

The wrap brings back fond memories for me (I love every charm on it) -- it has cute gold charms in stars, shoes and crystals. Oh yes, I also bought a pair of shoes and they are on their way here! Eeks, I know... not again!

I went out yesterday and wanted to post ODJ but I thought it was nothing fancy since I tried the MK Olsen look -- low v-neck black loose fit tee tucked in with a pair of royal blue cotton satin shorts and added a Chanel '07A blue glass stones gold long necklace to make it a little more "interesting"... blah. It still sounds boring to me.

Okay, I'm heading back to the books. It sucks having to stay home on a Saturday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outfit du Jour 2 - 08.04.08

No... I did not go missing! I've been asked why my blog wasn't updated. Acks, I apologize. I'm not all about shopping you know... (who am I kidding) I've been busy lately because of my coming exams -- I have to get my ass down to my books or I'd be sobbing later on! I took some time off to update my blog and then back to being a nerd @-@ (it's a pair of glasses in case you think otherwise).

If you're from PF, you'll see that I've posted my outfits for both yesterday and the day before. Anyhooo, I'll post here for those who have not seen :)

Outfit du Jour - Featuring Modern Chain distressed East/West tote bag!
The day when I had an interview with the auditors -- dress code was smart casual so I went in Rich and Skinny jeans, Chanel shirt and a pair of periwinkle blue patent Pigalles in 70mm.

Okay, it's back to the books! I have new loot coming in so at least there's something to look forward to besides my dreaded exams...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Outfit du Jour 1 - 07.04.08

Today is a bad day. Yeah, I know I have many bad days but today is an exception -- a bad and sad day. I dropped by YSL boutique to try on the new S/S '08 flat sandals that I ordered. Unfortunately, I did not order the correct size, so I left empty handed -- which is a rare sight! Then I met my bff who returned from London for Starbucks and had a long chat. That kind of perked me up a little since I had a long and tiring day (had an interview with the auditors and a very bad stomach ache which happened during my interview -- what great timing really) and I haven't seen him in a while. It always warms me up to meet an old friend and have hot coffee on a dull rainy day.

But the ultimate event that sent me to rock bottom is the moment I found out I missed my HG (holy grail) violet Chanel flap!! How in the world did I miss that?! I'm so sad that I am bleeding...

Anyhow, I promised to post ODJ (outfit du jour) today so here it is!

Featuring my new Balenciaga Gladiator wedges
with Theory cotton satin shorts and vest with satin trims, Zadig et Voltaire knit sequined top

PS: I've received feedback on the comments on my blog. Just to let you know, you can post anonymous or comments with your name. I would prefer you leave the latter so I will know who you're and keep you in mind. Thank you :)

xoxo ♥

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ahoy, here comes B-girl!

In the past entry I mentioned I would have new loot coming in and look what I got today to beat away the Monday blues...

Make a guess!

Is it a bag?

Or shoes?


It's a....

Pair of shoes!!!

Je presente... Mademoiselle Balenciaga Gladiators in dove grey.

How hot are they!! I'm still hyperventilating!

They were launched last F/W and I finally managed to get them (at a good price too :) I might be a season late but well... it's better late than never! If you search eBay, all you'll find are probably the studded ones, which are too trendy IMO. I'm not that much a fan of the giant hardware although very ironically, I have 2 giant hardware bags... I wonder what came into me.

Now I've realized that the main thing to look for in shoes that will stay in my closet is that they have to be classic designs with perhaps a modern twist (I wouldn't want to be cringing and saying 'What was I thinking' years later).

Make me an offer!
Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Heels SOLD!
Talk about trendy, I have regretted (sigh sigh sigh) buying my YSL Tributes which I have only worn once (I blame VB!). Is there anyone who would like to take these very neglected hot babies home? Please write me a comment and leave your email.
FYI, I'm a true size EU37 and the shoes are in black suede with bronze/gold trims and in size 36.5.

I was thinking of posting Outfit du Jour again but decided that these shoes needed to show off all its glory so ODJ will be posted in the next entry instead!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Uh oh! Another bag on the list!

I meant to post Outfit du Jour but I was having a really bad day. Thank goodness for a pair of nice jeans and a hot bag or I'd be utterly demoralized. Speaking of jeans, I picked up my new skinny jeans (Rich & Skinny and Notify) a while back. So I wore the Rich & Skinny out today and thought it looked really cute with my Beatles Junk Food tee, the Modern Chain tote and Chanel ballet flats as I was going for the casual look :) I love the not-so-dark navy wash and the fit isn't very tight unlike my many J brand skinny jeans.

The Notify jeans, however, has a different look altogether. I would call it my 'dressy/rocker jeans'. It has this gold/silver glittery sheen on the exterior and boy is it really hot! The Stella McCartney waxed jeans I have has similar effect and I thought it was hot enough until I tried on this pair... it took my breath away. The glitter is really subtle so it's not tacky at all. I am such a jeans' girl I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this pair. Now I just hope this pair of jeans doesn't get screwed up like it did with the McCartney's (my domestic helper ironed it and I went berserk).

I went to the boutique to try on the So Baroque earrings as seen on the runway at the trunk show which I attended around 2 weeks ago. They were probably the only thing I eyed on the models, I figured I might want a pair. I own similar (and smaller) ones from Givenchy which are vintage so I thought these might look cute... until I tried them on. I am now positively disheartened (good for my pockets :)

(Credits: The Purse Forum)

Now you know what I mean. Those pearls are probably around 1 1/4 inches each and they look humongous on my ears. Not to mention, they're clip ons and are faux. For those who are interested, they are going for $510 at Chanel. Another similar style is at $695.

Anyway, I digressed! My main purpose of this entry is to tell you about this new bag that I saw and tried on. It's really gorgeous but nobody seems to appreciate this beauty the way I do!


You might not think it's hot but trust me, the one I saw is way hotter than the one shown in the picture. It has a neon navy blue piping and the contrast is obvious yet subtle, not the in-your-face sort. I love it! It looks absolutely great with jeans and the bag's so roomy. If I were a lambskin lover, I would buy it in a heartbeat! Get the Day Glo ligne -- A38457 Y01480 C0229 $3250 (the tote) and A38454 Y04935 C4411 $2595 (the flap) at Nordstrom.

Now I will just need to tell Daddy...