Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick updates!

I am updating just in case I go missing and stop blogging due to a sickness called procrastination. It gets to me frequently I admit. And what great time to release stress is when you're studying! So I've been stalking eBay and I found myself an adorable Kidada for Disney Couture Tinkerbell wrap. It's too cute to resist (I'm still a kid at heart :) and I love Tinkerbell. I recall acting as Tinkerbell in a school play back at elementary school and I pranced around in this little cute yellow dress with wings.

The wrap brings back fond memories for me (I love every charm on it) -- it has cute gold charms in stars, shoes and crystals. Oh yes, I also bought a pair of shoes and they are on their way here! Eeks, I know... not again!

I went out yesterday and wanted to post ODJ but I thought it was nothing fancy since I tried the MK Olsen look -- low v-neck black loose fit tee tucked in with a pair of royal blue cotton satin shorts and added a Chanel '07A blue glass stones gold long necklace to make it a little more "interesting"... blah. It still sounds boring to me.

Okay, I'm heading back to the books. It sucks having to stay home on a Saturday!


Celia said...

lovely bracelet, babe....didn't know that u got this as i actually got one too and it was the Alice In The Wonderland in blue bracelet. Now we are sistas of the disney couture bracelet...Can't wait to see yours soon. We always have the same taste, isn't it??

Anonymous said...

cool blog... i like your style and fashion, but i can't help cringing when you "plagiarize" larkie... your entries are a complete "rip" of her entries in the "chanel du jour" thread.

The Editor said...

^ Hi there, I don't think my entries are a "rip" from her thread. But I do not deny Larkie is an inspiration for most on PF (well, aren't you?) I wrote my entries in my own style and if that doesn't please you, I don't see why you should visit my blog :) Furthermore, if you're a fellow tpfer, why anonymous? I don't think anyone would appreciate negative (and coward) feedback from someone who remains anonymous yet ironically from PF.


Cory said...

oooh i love this bracelet...i have one in blue too but with different disney pairing it with casual pieces like johnson shorts and cute tops in the summer :)

goodluck on your exams and i cant wait to get the dresses and maltesers HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

the outfit did not sound boring. i hope to see the picture.

what shoes you are getting? i am more of a shoe person...

i like reading your blog. it's something to be proud of to be able to write like this at your age.

good luck with your exam


gMbt said...

ooh haven't visited ur blog in a while.i just wrote about my wraps in my blog too!!what a conincidence.i love disney couture..brings out the child in us!