Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Viva la Coco!

I was having an extremely pleasant week until I fell sick. So for consolation, I did pretty well in my law first assessment exam and as a reward, there will be more new loot to come (can you hear me yay-ing away?)

The bag which I've been waiting to get my hands on has finally become mine! I was so ecstatic about her I completely forgot the arrival of my red Yoyo Zeppas. The bag arrived last week and I had to collect her before going to Maroon 5's concert (which was totally awesome if you'd asked me :) I was really that eager!

I am in total love. If I didn't say this, I will say it again. I have to admit -- I am a true sucker for distressed and washed out leathers (sheepish grin). You know, if you spot a lady smelling her distressed bag, that might be me (I'm not insane, I just love the smell of new leathers :) The bag may look a little blah in photos but really, you have got to see her in person (maybe I should post a modeling pic to justify her beauty). She is truly understated and is the definition of casual chic. I love (slouchy and big especially) bags that you don't fall in love with at first sight but has.. a sort of hidden charm. You'll realize the more you use the bag, the more you find yourself in love with it. Yeeeesss, I know, I am in love, I am in love!

So much talking about this bag and you still have no idea what it is? Here's her debut!

Have you guessed it?

Presenting my new Modern Chain (MC) East West Distressed tote bag!

With flash.

I absolutely love the soft and "washed" the distressed calfskin (how many times have I said the word 'love'?)
and I cannot tell you enough how much I adore the chains! They have a hint of sparkle in them and are in a vintage distressed feel so the chains go very well with the whole slouchy relaxed look. Although she's not from the current season (that doesn't mean she's passe), I think she's timeless. Not in that good ol' timeless classic fashion (aka CC Flap bags) but a tote bag I'd probably use for a very long time. She's a great essential in every closet, especially mine!

Look at how spacious and roomy it is! It fits my Miu Miu fuschia patent wallet from S/S '08, Louis Vuitton cosmetic pouch from Cruise '07 and I threw in a jacket, water bottle, car keys and a pair of flats. AND It still has quite a bit of space left, holy moly! Have I mentioned that I absolutely love bags with leather interiors? It makes the bag ultimately luxurious.

The down side of this bag is that the chains are awfully heavy. I hesitated before getting it because IMO, I find it pointless to buy a bag that is heavy before you put anything in it. You're supposed to carry the bag, not the other way round! And if you think about it, bags like these actually hurt your body in the long run. Funny thing though, the chains on this MC tote stay on my shoulder very well and I don't feel the weight of the chains very much.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm supposed to blog about my Loubies from the previous entry but I got carried away. See? Get what I mean of steering off the track? Yeah, that's me! I'll probably blog about them in the next post. This entry is long enough and it's medicine and nap time!

Until then,
Ladydeluxe ♥

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Celia said...

Really love ur MC tote as it's really a practical bag and i love mine too, it became my most commonly everyday bag...LOLL

This bag "ROCKS"......;>