Tuesday, April 1, 2008

C is for Christian Louboutins

What great time to start a blog is when you're sick and stuck at home, full of time on your hands with nothing to do. With all the time I have, I've finally (yes, finally) decided to get down to looking into my shoe closet. I discover that I'm quite a shoe addict (that might be an understatement), although it really isn't a new discovery. Most often, I like to lean towards feigning ignorance on the number of Louboutins (Probably 15 pairs now with 5 pairs unworn?), Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and what other designer labels I have in there... I wonder. I need to check into a shoe rehab! Wait, is there even any?

Anyhow, yes... Miss sucker-for-shoes herself is gonna clear her shoe closet. Well.. she has to, right? As much as she hates to admit -- she is a sucker for shoes. She has to clear her closet or she'll never have new shoes = no shopping! Wah, then she might just die!

Okay, I'll probably put up my lovely shoes and other designer stuff that I wanna let go (to make space for the new!) as we go along. I would like to keep this blog fashion-focused as well -- things to and must buy, latest hot goodies, my loot and not forgetting my favorite Louboutin. That's if I don't steer off track, which I'm afraid, is a common thing of me.

PS: Here's a peek at the latest additions to my Loubies collection!

I will tell you more about them in my next post!

Nude Patent Pigalles in 70mm

Burgundy/Wine Red Patent Yoyo Zeppa



Anonymous said...

Love love love your taste in CLs, CB

The Editor said...

Thanks Jo! I love your taste in your unique Chanel bags too lol!