Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Loot Part 2

And so... School has started once again. Thus, my disappearance for the past few days has been evident. I lead a sad life (don't think of my buys lol), don't you think?

Anyhoo, I finally sold my Yoyo Zeppas! I'm so pleased to have sold them to a fellow tpfer and reader of my blog, J :) I know they're in good hands - burgundy patent is just to die for! Now I'm thinking if I should get rid of my Balenciaga Gladiator wedges... as you can tell, I'm on the 'getting rid' mode right now. It must be my conscience pricking!

Here is ODJ 5 -
CK cotton shirt, Chanel black patent waist belt, Elizabeth and James skinny pants, Louboutin nude Yoyo 110mm and my red city Bbag.

Bbag in the sling style

Bbag in the clutch style

Pretty ODJ pics in courtesy of J :)

Today's summer loot is themed 'CC Mania'. Scroll below and you'll know why.

I got this hottie off Neiman Marcus last call! What a close shave because I was THIS close to buying it at 2nd markdown. Kudos to patience and luck! I've been waiting to get this belt for eons... it's from '07 Cruise I believe. Can you imagine the wait?

And recall I mentioned I had an item stuck in the customs and had to pay taxes for?

Well... it's this little monster that got me into so much trouble!

But it's worth it, me thinks! What about you?

More to come so stay tune :)

xoxo, C


Marina said...


I just found you blog and was admiring some of your stuff. If you want to get rid of your Balenciaga wedges and they're size 36 or 36.5 I would be interested in purchasing.

My email is / I have just started a blog of my own like a week ago & it's still very lame.


CerinthaH said...

Hey your belt is gorgeous! How much did u get it for?

D said...

Hi - that Chanel necklace is TDF! I was also close to buying it in HK in March, but decided on a bag instead. I do regret it though!! x D

Elise said...

I love your bag, I want the same !