Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ladydeluxe's Style Board numero 1

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

Here's something new I've come up with (I've not touched graphic designing in years, though) - my personal style board of the clothes I bought. It kinda tells my style, no?

I think the clothes look better modeled rather than me taking pics of them folded or laid flat. I would, nonetheless, still post ODJ!

From left:
1. This cutesy shirt dress has pyramid stud buttons in silver! AND the back collar at the neck has the buttons too! How adorable is that! I can't wait to pair it up with black or navy stockings and my Bottega gladiator heels.

2. The current contemporary label I am into right now is Elizabeth and James. Firstly, I think the Olsens have awesome style, though quirky and can go off the tangent sometimes, nevertheless still chic. The pants, however, has strange cutting so it's at the tailor's. I'm getting it back tomorrow and was planning to wear it to a party on Wednesday but I'm having second thoughts right now because I just bought a fabulous neon pink dress!

3. Le Magnifique! It says it all. I love how soft the cotton is and how fun the graphic on the tee is. So cheeky! Perfect with my usual J Brand dark vintage skinny jeans and new Lanvin flats!

4. It's a glam-ed up tee shirt dress by Line Aquila. I love how the neck and hem areas are sewn with sequins - it's subtle glamor! I'm thinking of wearing it a belt at the waist (I have the perfect one for it) and a pair of killer heels...

More to come!

I did warn you -- Summer's been a real sorcher :)

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