Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outfit du Jour 3 - 18.08.08

What a surprise! Look whose finally updating her blog in less than a week! Finaaally, yes I know, I can really drift off the track and procrastinate tons!

So guess what, I might be hosting a shoes draw soon to reward those who have stayed with me all these while... a big thank you for your support! Without you, I have no reason to continue this blog :) How the 'Shoes Draw' is gonna work is that I will be giving away a pair of designer shoes from my personal shoe collection... more intel to come so stay tune!

Okay, you know my main objective of posting today. I know it's in the title.. I should change the title. Anyway, my camera had an unfortunate death due to my negligence at a party and the buttons got jammed. Well done... I am now left with my pathetic camera phone. Pardon for the lack in quality! Better something than nothing, right?

Here's ODJ for tomorrow - It looks work-ish though but it's actually just a jumper dress with a ribbon tie at the waist and huge pockets.

The pockets are too cute! They look like they have a flap and are closed with cute buttons but they're merely faux. The pockets are so practical! I'm in love with dresses that have pockets (if you notice my yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs brocade dress a couple of entries ago!)... c'est super!

I'm probably gonna carry my Chanel patent navy jumbo flap bag tomorrow... Hmmm but I might change my mind so we shall see.

Everything above is new... this is how long I haven't been blogging, omg!

The shoes worn above deserve an entry of its own... you'll just have to wait!

A tout ta le!

PS: Those hot Loubies in the previous entry are still up for sale! PM me!!! Those are super rare and to die for!


Caron said...

Love the shoes babes - glad to hear exams are over!!! You look tres chic as usual

Sophia said...

the outfit is simply TDF! the Chanel totally made the outfit imo :D

good work and keep the great posts coming!

Anonymous said...

the jumper is super cute! do you mind sharing where its from?

Anonymous said...

Happy to know that your exams are over! I am so hoping to find a navy patent!!! You lucky gal:-)

Cory said...

weee you're back!!!

hope to see you more around on TPF!!

love the outfit, looks so comfy too!!!

what CC necklace is that btw?

D said...

you look so good in that outfit! So polished, a look that I love. I wonder what occupation your in.