Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Loot Part 1

I am not typically a summer person, though lately I seem to have taken a fancy on bright loud colors, if you've noticed my marigold yellow dress and neon pink clutch. Not really my style, I must admit, but it's the color block season baby! I've always been quite a neutral shady person who wears black, white and navy. I'm still staying true to my style!

Summer is a time of fun, good times and saleeesss... AND sales time means broke time for me :( I think I really need to check into a shoe rehab. You have no idea how many pairs of shoes I've bought of late!! I blame school and stress for my lack of rationality and the growth of impulsion.

Today I bought yet another pair of shoes but but.. they're sooo hot I just had to get them! They're in wedges gladiator style (so different from my Balenciaga ones), in my all-time favorite patent leather and color!

Errr.. okayy, I think the fever has really burnt my brain lol.

So here's the "first" pair of flats I bought during the sale...

By now, I think my obsession with Lanvin flats is clear. I can never stop loving them! The leather insoles are just so comfy and I love stretchy ruched up leathers :)

Well well, and guess what! Miss shoe-whore has gotten her 'shoe attention' diverted to some bling!

I love this cute pearl crystal accessory from Kenneth Jay Lane! I realize I have tons of accessories from this particular designer... I guess he and I have something in common ;)


Je presente Outfit du Jour 4 - 21.08.08

I ran errands today, went to the doctor's, did a health check up, went shopping for a bit and got my new shoes and met a good friend for dinner.

CK sleeveless cotton shirt, Marni black patent skinny belt, Development satin cotton shorts, Franck Muller watch, Prada nappa fringe tote bag and YSL stellar star sandals in cream.

For those who have followed my blog since it started, recall the entry where I complained I did not have anything to buy from YSL? Oh yes, I sure did recently score this pair of stellar sandals on sale wowieee!

For those who asked about the previous ODJ: the navy jumper dress is actually from a local shop here which I came across the other day. I got it for 40 bucks!

I can't wait to wear my new wedges tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Love, C


piggybank said...

hello, I have purchased a pair of YSL stellar sandals too. However, the metallic finish of the insole has start to wear off/fade after wearing it less than twice. Does that happen to your pair as well? I'm beginning to wonder if mine is defective -.-" thanks! =)

Ladydeluxe said...

Hi there, I'm not sure because i don't check the insoles and I don't walk a lot in them, thus I don't think there's much sweat/friction against the metallic insoles? I did however worry about the fading issue.. but I don't think it's gonna be that obvious on my pair because the cream version has a light gold metallic finish as compared to the colorful version's. What's yours?

piggybank said...

hello, mine is the colorful version. The fading does not affect the whole look, as i wouldn't be able to see them when wearing it. I was just worried that it will spread to the top of the sole where it would be noticeable. I was brainstorming and even thought of applying similar nail polish color onto it.

dreamdoll said...

Pretty :)