Sunday, June 1, 2008

You know you love V (numero deux)

And here comes my new (and first) Valentino bag!

Stay tune!

(I know I'm such a tease but don't you love it! :)



//Edit: 2 June 2008 at 7.15PM

I'm so sorry! I know I am not so much a tease anymore. Everyone's probably hating me for taking so long... and I sincerely apologize for that -- not that I'm trying to create too much suspense but I've just been hyperventilating from the pre-sales and TONS of school work! I'm still doing up my (darn) report and preparing for a presentation on coming Wednesday... acks, I need a breather!

So here I am... sneaking up to update my blog (it's about time) and yes, another goodie just came in! I had a REALLY bad day (had to bold it, it was that bad) at school today and I was totally being a sulking emo monster when I got home. I went to take a nap and got disrupted twice! Holy cow, that only made things worse, right? With a throbbing headache, I went to answer the door bell and guess what! I am now prancing around my room. And and I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City! You know that whole scene where she hung those uber hot Blahniks (those are what I call shoes by the way! I am a real sucker for shoes with bling)... man, I need to find those now!! Someone... anyone... hook me up with those gorgy things ASAP and I promise I'll love you forever :)

Here comes my first Valentino handbag! Wahhh, I just had to get it and you know why!

I love Valentino paper bags!

Oh yes, not neglecting the fact that I am a shameless purple lover! This is my.. what? 3rd purple bag? Wait, I think the 4th. Hmmm, forget it. I think I lost count.

Here's a little peek-a-booo..

And someone got it right, you smartypants! I got the Maison bag (the infamous little J bag... yes, kill me now, I know!) in the softest calfskin leather in the most fabulous color... tell me, what's there really not to love about this bag? Plus the fact it was on 30%!!

Look look! The yummiest leather! Woo hoo, I'm in complete heaven!

Okay, tell me now if you love V as much as I do!

x o x o <3


Anonymous said...

just please let it not be a Maison! I will truly and genuinely be jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! how much did u get it for?

Ladydeluxe said...

^ 30% off the retail price. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

how much was that?? :) i live in SG too. cant resist a good deal. did u get it at club 21? or valentino store?

Celia Hish said...

Hey babe, love ur new valentino bag, looks like u been bz shoppin too even though u are also bz with ur school/assignments.

Anyway, do drop me a line since didn't get the chance to catch up with you.

Anonymous said...

I guessed correctly! Ha! Well, congrats and enjoy that GORGEOUS bag! I have to admit that I have that bag too :)!!!!!!!! We're bag sisters. Okay, I also have a YSL Muse... so we have similar taste. Now, I have to work on a Balenciaga.

Anonymous said...

well well...i just love this bag!
Amethyst maison V bag. it is right on the catalouge in front me. NM is having a sale on this bag, right? the org. price is $2495.