Monday, June 9, 2008

The Glass Slippers

Like they always say... patience pays off eventually. Well, this I have to agree! You have no idea how much I lust after these... especially with that price tag (who am I kidding) -- I couldn't convince myself enough to get those, not when I had several 'priorities' on my check list of 'wants'. I took the chance that they might go on sale as that will probably be the only time I would totally grab them in a heartbeat... and yes, it's a risk well-taken! If only I apply this to my investments, I'd have a room full of Loubies by now!

These are what I call Cinderella glass slippers meet practicality. Why practical? No bling, no satin.. just luxury in its simplest form. I love them and I have the purrrfect dress in mind to go with these! It's this cute little Valentino dress I got recently, together with my favorite bag at-the-moment! They might be a little too matchy matchy because the dress has a cute satin bow at the waist and the shoes have 2 large bows, but then again, it would be such a fun and girly combination, d'ya think?

What makes these gorgy things even better is that they're from my all-time favorite shoe designer!

Je presente Joli Noeud D'orsays in black patent!

Perfect fit and size at pre-sale price... What more can I ask for? :)



style-ish said...

just stumbled onto your site and this is what I find! Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Loves! :)

I am going to have to find those for myself now!

Anonymous said...

hi, im sarah and i found your blog! you are one lucky woman! anyway, can i ask whats the average price of CL in singapore? im thinking of getting the common peeptoe black pair.

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous, i think it will look even nicer with red hot nail polish ^-^