Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't shoot me!!

Pre-sales and deadlines are driving me crazy! There is a reason why I disappeared from blogging... and it's not because of shopping, my loves, but school! :( I'm sorry to disappoint you -- I promise to try to blog at least once a week to keep you updated. And sorry for the lack of piccies lately, no new loot has arrived yet! Wahhh, I can't wait! I need some juicy cuties to perk me up!


// Edit at 2:23 AM (you can see how 'hardworking' I am)

I've finally got my a$$ down to picking out outfit for tomorrow... because simply, I don't wanna waste 30 minutes in the morning just figuring out what to wear! And that's the sole reason why I am late for school!

Outfit du Jour featuring Miss Oversize Muse

It's summer and I'm gonna wear my new t-bar sandals with my new eyelet LBD! I love the details on them - very nicely sewn and they sparkle like crazy. I threw in my Kenneth Jay Lane apple necklace to match the hardware of Miss Muse. I especially took a zoomed in photo just to show you the details of the apple! Can you see the little crystals on the leave?

Oh, and obviously Queen B inspired, I shortlisted 3 headbands I would like to wear. One's a cute thick headband in metallic crackled leather, the other is a big tuxedo bow headband and the third has an ivory tweed camellia.

And if you have observed closely in the 1st picture, I chosen the gold Miu Miu headband. What a tease!

Tata y'all!


tpfer said...

cute hairbands you have there! the thick bow is indeed so Queen B! some modelling piccies will be nice..
how about sharing your jeans collection with us? i think there's quite an awesome range in your closet :)

good luck with school!


prettyfit said...

hey ladydeluxe, where did you get the big bow headband from? i love it!

Nice blog you have here.

Sophia said...

the tuxedo bow headband is so B! tres cute :)

i'm in love with the camellia headband also but alas in chinese culture, it's taboo to wear white on one's head. *sob*