Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sickness for Purple

School has been pretty nasty to me. I'm not gonna elaborate any further because after all, this is a fashion (a la shopping :) blog that might soon to be dead if I don't continue posting. Don't shoot me! I will try my best to stay on track!

As much as I hate to admit, I think I have secretly developed a sickness for purple. I didn't reveal much of my liking for purple until I got my first purple bag - the Miu Miu burgundy plum nappa Coffer bag. A few months later, all the hype about the '07 limited edition magenta Balenciaga came to an end when I got mine! It isn't very purple but does have a lot of purple undertone as compared to the new magenta and '05 version. Then I got another Muse but in oversize this time. I knew I had to have this bag the moment I laid my eyes on it - violet color on buffalo leather? It is one of the most gorgeous colors I ever saw! If I pass up on it, I'd kill myself again and again!

So after going on about my love for purple, my point is... yes, I bought another purplicious item! So much for telling myself that 'I should be on a ban'... the irony of life.

In the previous post, I mentioned about my 'cutesy little Vuitton thing' - so here it is!

And no, I'm no fan of the monogram so you can tell how much I really obsess over purple.

Oh god, save me!


Celia Hish said...

Hey babe....i'm so glad u receive ur purple LV heart coin now we are sistas...LOLL

Gorgeous and they are so cute, isn't it? hehe

Tina said...

hello there, found ur blog through tpf :) hope u dont find me intrusive, but i absolutely love everything u own ! LOL do u mind posting pic of ur miu miu purple coffer? i went to paragon today and saw the pink version, the medium sized one and fell in love, but not sure whether i should get it, is it versatile? do share!!! thanksssss, ur new reader, Tina

The Editor said...

^ Hi Tina, thanks for visiting! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with me.

It's a really gorgeous bag and I absolutely love the color and size - perfect! I could post outfits with the bag but not so soon though!

If you could leave me your email (it'll be screened to protect your privacy) then you'll be the first to see the pics (since I take forever to post lol). I'm not so sure about the pink color though. If you could, send me a link to the color you saw / the bag itself, that would help a lot!

Look forward to hear from you soon!


Genevieve said...

It's really cute. Not a huge fan of monogram vernis but purple is TDF!

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue your blog... I want to see pics of your Miu Miu coffer bag too... please share! And, I want to see your oversize Muse too... I have a medium and can't imagine how the bigger size would look on someone with a small frame.