Sunday, May 11, 2008

Up for another round of Purplicious candy?

It's funny how I have the sudden surge of enthusiasm to 'want to blog' -- most of the time I just feel like abandoning my blog. I think what keeps me going now is my readers who want me to continue this (you know, it can be a challenge). I'm not trying to flatter myself - it just surprises me that people do take me seriously. I really appreciate that you guys still stick around with me!

I have received a few comments on my Miu Miu Coffer and Muse bags. Let's keep the Coffer a mystery first (although there isn't really much a mystery about this bag), shall we? I was thinking I could post outfits with her, what d'ya think? I managed to take photos of the oversize Muse and Balenciaga '07 LE Magenta city together (although nobody asked about her I decided she needed some recognition) after much procrastination. And yes, I do wonder how the oversize could actually work on me because of my small frame (5'4 and size 0). Surprisingly, I can pull off the big bag look, especially so on heels!

Both pictures didn't show the true colors of the bags. I managed to dig up the old photos that I posted on PF which reflect their juicy yummy colors!

Looks like they smell like grapes, don't they? I swear I almost went up to purple heaven. I'm just so in love with this color - now you know what really kills me!

It sucks to go back to school tomorrow, especially so when it's a very long day, BUT at least I have a new pair of TDF skinny (blue) jeans to take away the monday blues :)

Here's Outfit du Jour for tomorrow - I'm gonna take my poor (old and abused) Bbag out tomorrow. She's the first Bbag I own and by far my favorite Bbag. And possibly the one that I have used to death!

I specially bought a Prada skull keyring for the bag, wah!

And check out the incidental 'glitter' coincidence I found on both fabrics (skulls are stitched in silver metallic threads)!

I love this new pair from Rock and Republic (told ya I'm a jeans girl :) I foresee this will become my favorite pair of rocker jeans. My current favorite (and has remained my favorite for quite a while) is the Notify small skull stitched on pockets dark skinny jeans... which might have to make way for this new R&R pair!

To top off the whole look, I might wear my favorite gladiator heels tomorrow. But for school? Hmm, let me sleep on it and decide again when I wake up. If not, I'll wear my Lanvin flats!

I blogged about these before on my old blog but will do so again here - I bought these on retail (crazyyy), so to justify that, I have worn them to death already! And they're only 6 months old. They were from '07 F/W (I love f/w seasons, yay for pre-fall) These BV hotties go with everything in my closet. They beat the new Balenciaga gladiators hands down anytime!

Okay, I better stop rambling on about my shoes or I'd never stop. You know how much I love shoes!


Tina said...

absolutely gorgeous, loving both the muse and balenciaga :D what a cheery colour...

Anonymous said...

the outfit looks great to me. can't wait to see you in them.

keep up your blog. i like reading it.
still suggest you open a thread on TPF.


Inspire Me Today.... said...

hiii! it's fashionispoison! hehe i love your blog! the magenta city looks delishhh

Anonymous said...

luv the purplelicious bags
just wondering, what colour is the worn in bbag? cute charm on it!

Inspired said...

I need, sorry NEEEEED to see a modeling pic of the OS Muse, please :)
It's simply gorgeous, love the color & the shape (ok, I confess I have a Caramel-colored Muse so I'm partial.)

Ladydeluxe said...

The worn in Bbag color is Greige from 2006 F/W collection. Hope that helps!

fashionispoison: Hey sweetie! I'll post a modeling pic of the OS Muse soon! But not that soon because I'm recovering from a laser surgery I just had, acks!

Anonymous said...

Hi your YSl muse looks so good!!Im so in love with purple too!!After looking at ur pics i have to get one too!!!Do u mind telling me where you got it from??and is it this season's collection?coz i wasn't able to find it on the ysl website!!!thanks a lot girlie!